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Hongmai Glass is a reliable manufacturer & supplier of commercial glassware products, which was established in 1999. With more than 20-year experience in wholesaling glassware, we also focus on the innovation of product packaging solutions and expand our capacity to meet our clients’ demands. Nowadays, Hongmai Glass has been a well-known brand in glassware domain, and we have collaborated with different industries such as food, alcohol and cosmetic.

Except wholesaling glassware products, we also accept customization request according to our clients. What is more, we possess an integrated production factory which enable Hongmai to become more competitive on costs saving and production line control. Meanwhile, new technology – Narrow Neck Press Blow (NNPB) has been applied in our production process. Comparing with the old “Blow Blow” process, the new technology enables our products to be brighter. In addition, our Computer Simulation Testing Program will also simplify the designing process. Therefore, we will always offer the best solution according to your needs.

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Glass Wine Bottle 960g 750ml

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